From the founder of the Tiplyang Project - Elizabeth Allmand


The Tiplyang Project was set up to support Tiplyang village and the surrounding region of Myagdi in western Nepal.


Tiplyang village was the home of the late Tul Bahadur Pun V.C. who served in the 6th Gurkha Regiment during the second World War with my uncle, Michael Allmand V.C., and with James Lumley, the father of Tiplyang Project Patroness, Joanna Lumley.


The Tiplyang Project began in late 2009 with one focus - the rebuilding of the Shree Kalika lower secondary school in Tiplyang village. The school was rebuilt by the Gurkha Welfare Service, with the labor of the community and funding donated by the Allmand and Lumley families.


But of course this commitment has grown, as a school needs textbooks, pens, equipment, and scholarships to support the children in the community who come from extremely poor backgrounds. Furthermore, the village community and surrounding region has also asked for development support, and we are trying to raise money for all of these.


Every cent donated to the Tiplyang Project goes directly to the community. There are no administration costs as these are being paid by family and friends and will continue to be paid until 2017.


Thank you for your support.


Elizabeth Allmand